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Feeding at Tacloban City

Joint donations for Leyte by APCO(Fajardo wing) and Visayan Association of Australia

BY RICHARD FORD – The Visayan Association (VAA) Inc, and APCO Inc (Fajardo wing) held a charity event last 13 February 2022, which included feeding children and clothes donations,  held at  the St. Gerard Chapel, Barangay 59-A, Sampaguita Village, Tacloban City Leyte, Philippines.

It was part of the two association’s response to the damage by typhoon Odette and the continuing effects of Coronavirus pandemic in Leyte, Philippines.

The event coincided with the late arrival  the boxes and donations from Australia, which now seemed a blessing at this period in time, coming from the two organisations, Visayan Association sent boxes of clothes distributed to various families.

The program was emceed by Glen Go nicknamed Long Long, assisted by Delia Mankey, Shelly (Pit Pit) Mendoza, also Denniel Lumbre her friend, along with Santi Salgado and Iday Jaro. It was hosted by the Salgado family and the Ford family

The program started with a prayer, then proceeded the donation distribution. Food provided included children’s favourite spaghetti and malunggay-flavoured bread and iced orange juice.

Village kids  joined a community game called  “Bring Me”, with some of the kids doing Tik Tok dances to the tune of Paro-Paro G. Prizes were awarded to best performances in TikTo and in song and rap. Ford family doated the prizes mainly cho;ates and biscuits from Australi.

Emcee Glen Go thanked the families hosting the event  and the Visayan Association and APCO association in Australia.

The event was scheduled earlier but has to be postposed because of the delayed arrival of donated items from Australia. By Richard Ford.