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Sydney Children Festival, Sunday 12 March 2023


Children from all over Sydney will bring their talent and their culture to Darling  Harbour on Sunday March the 12th to share with the whole community at the Sydney Children’s Festival 2023.

The festival at Tumbalong Park will run from 11am to 5pm with a full programme of song and dance and games.

A highlight of the day is the spectacular Children’s parade in cultural costumes from around the world.

The on-stage programme is likely to include performances from many cultures including Brazilian, Thai,  Bosnian, Irish, Scottish, Sikh, Indian, Japanese, Nepalese, Indonesian , Filipino,  Bulgarian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian,  Ukrainian and some multicultural dance groups.

The founding President of the Festival, Mr Thuat Nguyen AM, today welcomed the families of Sydney to bring their children to participate and enjoy this festival which is made for them.

“We have already staged 37 events in Bankstown, Canterbury, Marrickville, Campbelltown and Sydney, attracting over a quarter of a million participants.

“We missed a few festivals due to Covid, but we bounced back better than ever  in 2022 with two wonderful festivals in Sydney and Revesby.

“The participation of a good number of schools and youth groups from various cultural backgrounds following the worst of  the pandemic and the continuing enthusiastic participation of multiple groups, despite the current complicated world situation, clearly demonstrates the Children’s Festival’s success in building community harmony, in line with its motto: Playing together and Living in Harmony”.

.“This is our 25th year of promoting harmony in our multicultural society and we would like everyone to join in our celebration of that achievement.

“We look forward to seeing hundreds of children enjoying themselves in Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour, on Sunday March the 12th”, he said. 

The festival will be officially opened by the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Coure MP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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