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2022 PCC-NSW officers

Time to step up vision for the Filipino community

(2022 PCC-NSW Officers L-R: Seated: A Bulseco, E Pogson, G Liston, Cesar Barolome, president; Demi Robinson, vice president, J Arranz, M Santiago, Standing,  T Baena, L Meekan, E Rudd, P Santos,  P Perfecto, D Tan, M Jones (not in photo D Swadling), FBphoto by RGatchalian)

BY BAYANIHAN NEWS – With the discouragement by the pandemic to hold big ticket community event, the Philippine Community Council of NSW might as well look for other advocacies other than spearheading large umbrella events.

For health reasons, there has been a continuing review of the way communities interact and hold community gatherings.

PCC-NSW is the vanguard of the yearly Philippine Independence Day Ball  in 12 June every year attracting A listers in the community as well as interested government politicians.

PCC-NSW also succeeded on two occasions in holding the Philippine Christmas Festival at the centre of Sydney CBD at Tumbalong Park, also every year before the onset of the pandemic.

The newly elected president of PCC-NSW coming to the position as previously vice president promised to offer basic integrity and project-wise approach to the businesses of a peak organisation.

While networking with some 51 affiliate associations with various interests from religious, sports, entertainment is imperative to maintain unity, PCC-NSW have to develop goals for the entire Filipino community harnessing its inherent force as influencer in politics and culture.

The Filipino community is unique in that time and time again it has contributed immensely in vibrant participation in Australian life which lean to multiculturalism and Christian democracy.

The election of Mr. Cesar Bartolome a long recognised community leader being the stalwart of Filipinist advocacy outside his native land in leading the Knight of Rizal and being the founder of Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment (FAME) should fit in to the picture of leading migrant advocacies successfully for the Filipino community.

Beside the task of holding yearly commemorative events,  peak organisation has to step up to the higher calling of responding to the  challenges for the Filipino community.

Such field as the state of Filipino seniors, the challenges for newly arrived and settled Filipino migrants, the relationships of second generation Australians of Filipino origin with the Philippines and advancement of Filipino culture and history in Australia are some of worthy goals that can be pursued ahead of cocktail parties and social events.

In every season fraught with urgencies and testing, there rise up bright and hopeful possibilities ahead. Such as in the Filipino community these days.