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Alan Green campaigns for Coalition in coming NSW Election

Blacktown Councilor Allan Green will campaign to give the Blacktown community a voice in State Parliament as the endorsed Liberal candidate, said NSW Liberal Party spoke person Anne-Marie Boumerhe.

Blacktown Councilor Allan Green

Father of six adult children, Allan is married to Malu Rivera, a Filipino-Australian. He has lived in the Blacktown area for over four decades and for more than twenty of those years, Allan has served as a Blacktown City Councillor, where he has fought for the needs of the local community including initiating the construction of the Blacktown Leisure Centre.
As a former high school teacher, specialising in business studies, who now works in and with local small business, Allan has seen the real benefits of the NSW Liberals’ strong economic management and record investment in education.
“Over my many years working in business I have learned about the importance of strong economic management to ensure long-term success. With our businesses and families facing serious economic stress, only the Perrottet Government is able to deliver the strong economy to take the pressure off family budgets and businesses.”
“I want to be part of the Perrottet Government that is helping families with the growing cost of living, and easing pressure on family budgets with great programs like the Back to School and Active Kids vouchers as well as the toll rebate scheme which has benefited Blacktown residents.”
“The Perrottet Liberals have been making significant investment in our health and education, local services and infrastructure; and if elected, I will fight for more transport services, safety and community amenities for Blacktown.”
Allan is a member of a local Lions Club, the Blacktown Historical Society and local Anglican Church.
“Our community needs the strong and experienced leadership that the Perrottet Government has been delivering, to ensure that families and businesses across this electorate and the state have the support and services that we deserve.”
“I am proud of the many great initiatives of the Liberal and Nationals Government that have greatly benefited the people of Blacktown and Western Sydney including the upgrade of Blacktown Hospital, the new Blacktown Ambulance station, and the many local WestInvest project grants.
“We are seeing the Perrottet Government deliver on infrastructure and transport for our electorate time and time again, including upgrades of Doonside, Marayong and Blacktown railway stations and the Prospect highway access to Blacktown.”