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Sydney Sonata Gets Seniors Achievement Award

BY DEMI ROBINSON – The Sydney Sonata Singers choral group was selected last January 2023 as one of the 11 Senior Citizen groups that is being awarded the NSW Seniors Local Achievement Award 2023 in conjunction with the NSW Annual Seniors Festival events.

Sydney Sonata Singers

The honour was presented to the Sonata Singers by the Hon. Tania Davis, MP for Mulgoa in a simple gathering of Awardees at Luddenham, NSW.  President Buddy Japon and Choirmaster Loy Tagudin were present to receive the Award on Tuesday 7th February 2023. 

MP Tania Davis , Louisa Tagudin and Buddy Japon

The award is a tribute to the Sonata Singers whose members are senior citizens of Filipino descent, promoting the Philippine cultural heritage through their music whilst strengthening their dedication to unify all cultures in our linguistically diverse community.  SONATA is a resident artist at the Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre, and through this collaboration, has performed at the Sydney Opera House, the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts and many other community events/festivals.

The Sydney Sonata Singers will continue to showcase their talent and artistry through another cultural concert in June 2023 in celebration of its 16th year anniversary.