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Basketball “Legends” launch successful 3 x 3 games in Western Sydney

BY MARCO SELORIO – With three seconds to go, Allan “The Triggerman” Caidic threw up a Hail Mary from the top of the arc. The jam-packed crowd in Blacktown Leisure Centre held their collective breath as the ball propelled towards the hoop. Three, two, one … swish!  Overtime. The game-tying three-point shot brought the house down as the whole stadium celebrated together.

It was a defining moment in the first-ever PBA Legends 3×3 All Star Game in Blacktown City last night. The inaugural 3×3 concept proved to be a major hit with Australian-Filipino basketball fans. Almost four hundred PBA basketball fanatics came along to witness the shortened version of the game and to meet their idols.

The crowd rose to their feet as the PBA Legends were introduced. The nine superstars, including 25 Greatest PBA members Caidic, Jojo “Mr Clutch” Lastimosa and Jerry “Defence Minister” Codiñera, two-time MVP “Thriller” Willie Miller, Nelson “The Bull” Asaytono, Ginebra stalwarts Vince “The Prince” Hizon, Bal “The Flash” David, Noli “The Tank” Locsin and EJ “Gentle Giant” Feihl looked larger than life.

The 3×3 format split up the living legends into four All Star teams. Caidic paired up with Codiñera, Ginebra duo David and Feihl came together, Miller and Asaytono combined, while Lastimosa, Hizon, and Locsin joined forces. Each team was bolstered by local Sydney-based Filipino players.

Under FIBA rules, three players per team received ten minutes on a half-court. Whoever scored the most in the allocated time or whoever scored 21 first wins. The knockout elimination games meant the winner would advance straight into the finals.

Hip Hop impresario and 3×3 event director Marco Selorio and basketball superstar Caidic were the catalysts behind the concept.

“It was a conversation that Allan and I had a month ago. Three-on-three basketball is the hottest sport right now. We ended up executing it with the blessing of our 6 Stars team. It was relatable to the fans as it brought back memories when Filipinos played basketball pick-up games in the streets. The game was fast, exciting and exhilarating,” said Selorio.

“We are so happy to connect and entertain the Filipino community in Sydney. The 3×3 game is new to us Legends but Jojo (Lastimosa) and I said let’s try it out and see how the fans react. It was a success in so many ways,” said Caidic.

The 3×3 All Star exhibition delivered four games. The first match was all about the inside outside combination of Team David as they outgunned Team Caidic, 19-16. The second game between Team Miller and Team Jolas was quick as Asaytono drilled six three-pointers to help his team reach 21 points first.  launch

The battle for third place was a fan’s dream as both teams tried to outshoot each other. Team Jolas grabbed the early lead against Team Caidic behind Hizon’s sweet shooting stroke. However, it was Caidic’s heroics that brought the game into overtime. The Triggerman, who happens to be the PBA’s all-time scoring record holder (79 points in one game) seized the moment to showcase his shooting prowess. Hizon put up a last second hoop that went in but time had expired. In the 3×3 overtime, Caidic took over to bring his team to victory.


In the championship match, Team David went head to head against Team Miller. Asaytono continued his hot start and hit multiple three-pointers, while Thriller Miller contained the The Flash as Team Miller took home the title, 21-17.


Local teams NTBC and Old Skool, singer Alysha Erhan, Marvin Ramos and Genesis Beatbox provided pregame entertainment. The honorable Philippine Consul-General Ezzedin Tago, Councilor Rey Manoto and PCC-NSW President Alric Bulseco joined numerous fans in the popular WSB Free-Throw Shootout. Special awards were presented to up-and-coming Filipino basketball stars and community leaders.


Many thanks to the following PBA Legends 3×3 All Star Game supporters, including organisers 6 Stars Entertainment, PBA Legends Foundation, Blacktown Leisure Centre, Panlasang Pinoy, PCC-NSW, The Philippine Consulate, World Supremacy Battlegrounds, VA Kreativ, The Kickz Stand, WSBA, NTBC, Megaworld, Genesis Cerezo Photography, AK News, Philippine Community Herald, Bayanihan News, SBS Radio, Radio Tagumpay, Sizzling Filo Restaurant, Blessie Pica, Maribelle Salinas, DJ Buzz, DJ Who and Jimmy Pimentel.