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Seniors Group PASSCI Elects Officers

Jun Relunia
Jun Relunia

A new set of officers led by Jose Relunia, Jr as President and Linda Alvarez Barnes has been elected during the Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc ( PASSCI ) Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 17th October 2015 at the Fairfield City Community Centre.

PASSCI is the first seniors group of Filipino ethnic origin to be incorporated in Australia.

Those proclaimed by Atty Lolita Farmer OAM, chair of the club’s COMELEC were Jose Relunia, Jr, President; Linda Alvarez Barnes as Vice President, Anita Albao as Secretary, Mimi Wilson as Treasurer, Lita Castor as Internal Auditor and as directors Rolly Atienza, Kel Connell, Caridad Grapillon, Agnes Nethercott, Cres Olechnik, Perla Pimentel, Marietta Tiglao and Dina Watts.

Mr. Relunia said PASSCI has been providing the senior citizens the opportunity, structure and the funds to enjoy each other’s company and encouraging the members to participate in various monthly activities. In his President’s report, Relunia has informed the members that PASSCI continues to do what is best for the senior citizens in spite of limited financial resources.

With the management committee continuing to provide the necessary leadership and support, the year 2015 -2016 will see more members attending its monthly functions and at the same time the management committee will be attracting new members and applying for grants from the government and business sector.

PASSCI welcomes anyone from age 21 and over to join the Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc. as PASSCI is an incorporated association for Senior Citizens. Children and grandchildren are encouraged to become members as together we can make our parents and grandparents happy. PASSCI will bring back the days when the whole family joins PASSCI activities.

Anyone interested to join, please contact Jun Relunia 0419-233-643; Linda Alvares Barnes 02-8807-9222; Anita Albao on 02-9898-9176; Mimi Wilson on 0438-252-346 and Lita Castor on 02-9607-0552