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PASSCI Seniors celebrate Santacrusan and Mothers’s Day fests


The Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc (PASSCI), the first seniors group of Filipino origin to be incorporated in Australia, had a successful celebration of Santacruzan and Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday 21st May at Fairfield Community Hall.

The well attended celebration was highlighted by a) the traditional Santcruzan led by Prima West as Reyna Elena (Queen Helena, Cross or Crucifix) with Emsley Inton Arienza     as the Consort and b) the proclamation of Lettie Aguilar (presentation held during the PASSCI celebration) and Mrs. Minerva Paguyo (presentation held during her actual 100th birthday celebration on 24th May 2022 at Blacktown Workers Club) as PASSCI 2022 Mothers of the Year.

I would like to thank those beautiful ladies and escorts with their beautiful gowns who were participants to the PASSCI Santacruzan. 

They are Reyna Elena – Prima West, Reyna Fe ( Queen Faith, cross) – Nancy Casaol, Reyna Mystica – Zeny Pokorny, Reyna de las Flores ( Queen of Flowers, bouquet of flowers) – Flor Borbon, Reyna Sentenciada ( Hands bound by rope- symbol of innocents being convicted- Cres Olecknik, Reyna Sheba ( Jewellery  Box) – Mimi Wilson, Reyna Paz (Queen of Peace, Dove) – Dina Watts, Reyna Tres Marias ( Magdalena, Cleofe and Salome – Norma Sayson, Thelma Danao Remy, Reyna de las Estrellas ( Queen of Stars Wand with a star on top) – Silveria de Laroya, Reyna Justicia ( Mirror of Justice- weighing scale and sword) -Ludy Acusa, Reyna Esperanza ( Queen of Hope Anchor) – Virginia Pineda,  Reyna Judith ( Biblical widow, carries Holofernes head and a sword) – Ester Icasiano, Reyna Samaritana ( Samaritan woman on the well, water jug on shoulder) – Jesusa Agcaoili,  b ( Charity, heart) – Caridad Grapilon, Reyna Esther ( Queen of Persia, Scepter) – Clare Osmond and Flower Girl – Emsley Arienza.  I would like to thank Lettie Aguilar for coordinating this year’s successful Santacruzan.

PASSCI had a birthday celebration for Mrs. Minerva Paguyo 100th birthday and other May celebrants – Zeny Evangelista and Cris Olechnik. This was followed by the celebration of life of and prayers for PASSCI members who passed way this month -Dom Cosio, Efren Maalat and Lala Pimental.

A memorable and successful 21st May PASSCI celebration of Santacruzan and Mother’s Day celebration.