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APCO Members at Harmony Dinner with Minister Victor Dominello, 7th from left

Alliance of Philippine Comunity Organisations at Harmony Dinner

APCO Members at Harmony Dinner with Minister Victor Dominello, 7th from left
APCO Members at Harmony Dinner with Minister Victor Dominello, 7th from left

BY RICHARD FORD.  The new president of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations Inc., Ruben Amores, led twenty-two members in Filipiniana attires to join other multicultural community leaders of New South Wales at the annual Premier’s Harmony Dinner held on 10th April at the Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavillon. Some 1,002 guests including members of the diplomatic corps, press and media attended to mark the end of a series of multicultural events called Multicultural March 2014.

The night was full of praise by various guest speakers, with video link-up messages from the Premier of New South Wales, Mr Barry O’Farrell MP and the Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott MP both on trade mission in South-East Asia.

The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, the Minister for Citizenship and Communities, stated that, “we are Australians and multiculturalism is Australia, and that racism must be condemned by us all. As community leaders we need to reach out and bring all people together.”

The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, the Federal Minister for Communications, also commented by stating that, “no one has done more for multiculturalism than Australia, who is now more multicultural than the rest of the world and that our diversity is our strength.”

With so much glittering entertainment featured, the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools Choir of the Australian  opened the night with a moving rendition of the national anthem, followed  by the song  “I Still Call Australia Home.”  Sydney stand up comedian Vince Sorrenti   ws emcee of the night.

In his message, the Chair for the NSW Community relations Commission, Vic Alhadeff,  reminded the gathering  that, “we are a multicultural nation with our spirit being our diversity.”

Multicultural harmony was highlighted during the night not only with the  awarding of the Premier’s Multicultural Community  Medals and the posthumous  Multicutural Honour Roll  for 2014, but also with the outstanding cultural stage and dance performances on stage.

Minister for Citizenship and Communities Mr Victor Dominello MP  said. “We should be proud that in a state where a quarter of the population was born overseas, and 40 per cent of us had a parent born overseas, we live in peace.”