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Happy Semana Santa


 This season of the year which highlights the very central issue of Christian faith still leaves an indelible mark in the heart of many  Filipinos.

That Jesus Christ died at an equivalent time and day some 2000 years ago  and rose again on the third day will remain in the mindset of many  Filipino faithfuls, albeit in many different levels of commitment to this truth of the faith.

In each of us, there is an inherent call for serenity in spirit which we can respond to during this  timeless annual celebration of Holy Week or in the Filipino Spanish cultural tradition, the Semana Santa.

Most baby boomers would certainly recall the various solemn practices of the faith in one’s childhood. In whatever Christian denomination, the issue of God’s son coming to live with his people and sacrificing his life as payment  for our sins  becomes a profound reassurance that there is hope in our life no matter what.

That there is redemption after the fall. That victory lies ahead of us.

As in most secular practices of the many to find refuge in holiday resorts out of town or vacation trip to a new and different location, there comes a calling for a personal spiritual introspection in whatever stage of our life This is especially so with families with growing children and burgeoning family responsibilities.

We can always say thank you to Semana Santa.  It makes us grounded to the truth that “man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”  It gives us time to reflect and see what’s  life ahead after the present moment.