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National Monument to Migration unveiled more names

An additional 876 names have been added to the National Monument to Migration at the Australian National Maritime Museum, at the latest unveiling ceremony in Pyrmont last month.

New names entries

The National Monument to Migration honours the thousands of migrants who have travelled across the world to call Australia home. Each year, more names are inscribed on the bronze-panelled wall which faces Darling Harbour and Pyrmont Bay – historically the site where many migrants first arrived.

More than 31,000 names from over 200 countries are currently featured on the Monument.

Museum Director, Daryl Karp, said, ‘The story of migration to Australian shores is a foundational one in our maritime history. The National Monument to Migration honours the many people whose stories and contributions have shaped our nation. It is both a recognition and celebration of this wonderful diverse nation.

‘The experiences of the people whose names are inscribed on the Monument celebrate our commonality – love of family, community and striving for a better life. Some of their stories tell of loss and sadness, some of triumph – but, ultimately, all are about hope.’

‘We are grateful to our many donors to the Migration Heritage Fund, which underpins the museum’s ongoing commitment to telling the nation’s migration stories.’

At the unveiling ceremony, three speakers, whose names were amongst those newly-added to the Monument, shared their migration stories at the event.  These were including Nick Lewocki, of Polish heritage, Eugenia Mirakas from Greece, Richard J. Arculus, of Indian heritage and whose wife came from Jordan, and Stephen Nguyen, whose parents travelled in extreme circumstances from Vietnam.

Of the new inscriptions, four were of individuals of Filipino heritage.  The inscriptions included 12 names:

FRESCO Jerome, Aileen, Elyse and Leon

JAVIER Rolando and Leonida

PARADERO Noel Villanueva

PUZON Remy, Bob, Robert, Len, CONDUCTO Joji

The late Atty Lolita Farmer, OAM was one of the first Filipino-Australians who were registered and shown on the monument. Her inscription is on Panel 1, Column 1, Line 11.  A few of the other registrants from the Filipino-Australian community include:  Dr Zeny Edwards; Evelyn de la Pena Redimerio;Jun Relunia Sr; Atty Linda Geronimo-Santos; Central Coast; Emily Rudd; The Australian Filipina publisher Michelle Baltazar; and the writer. 

Below is a video of the unveiling ceremony attended by the writer, who was one of the speakers.

The registered donors contribute a brief story about the person being honoured and a brief biographical note is published on the museum website. The museum is amassing a selection of stories of sacrifices and triumphs from these individuals; their stories, in turn, tell the story of modern Australia.

Registrations for the names for the next panel on the monument are now open, with the next closing date of 22 December, 2022.  Donations are tax deductible so it is a great opportunity to give back to Australia which has been home for us and our families, and share stories of Filipino migrants and their contributions to the country.

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