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Red Rooster’s Crunchy Fried Is based on PH chicken joy

2 March 2022: Australian chicken shop, Red Rooster, has made  a new spicy offering – Reds Hot Fried – thanks to the huge and unexpected success of its Crunchy Fried Chicken, with people likening it to one of Asia’s most popular take away options.

Red Rooster’s Crunchy Fried Chicken

Last year, Reds introduced Crunchy Fried Chicken to its longstanding menu which immediately set tastebuds alight in the Filipino-Australian community. Many tasters said the chicken tasted a lot like the famed Chickenjoy fried chicken from popular Philippines’ chain, Jollibee.

Upon the launch in March, Red Rooster’s Crunchy Fried Chicken quickly went viral online. Customers commented that they “were obsessed” posting, “the taste brings us back home to the Philippines, such a feel-good food during these pandemic times”, and that it was, “just like chicken from Jollibee”.

People even brought their own rice in rice cookers into some stores to have an authentic Asian fried chicken meal experience. Reds responded with their own cheeky post asking customers whether it was “time to add rice and sweet spaghetti to the sides menu” in a reference to other Philippines’ meal favourites.

On the back of the demand, Red Rooster has spent the last year developing Reds Hot Fried inspired by key Asian flavours and offering a new and unforgettable spicy flavour profile.

“Since we launched Crunchy Fried Chicken it’s been a gamechanger and the response has been nuts, more than we ever expected,” said Ashley Hughes, Reds’ Director of Marketing. “So, we wanted to take things up a notch by introducing a spicy version. We know Asian communities absolutely love spice and heat and have been asking us for it ever since Crunchy Fried Chicken came out.

First established in Australia 50 years ago Red Rooster is currently going through a phase of innovation. “It’s a really exciting time for us at Reds with restaurant refurbishments, uniform upgrades, menu innovation and advances in technology and convenience,” said Hughes.

Reds Hot Fried is available at Red Rooster restaurants nationally via drive thru, dine in, take away and delivery. You can also try Reds Hot Fried via Menulog. Order at