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Sydney Sonata Choir 2022 officers

BY DEMI ROBINSON –  The Sydney Sonata Singers Inc is pleased inducted its new set of Officers, last Saturday 12th February st Mt Duitt community Hub in Mt Druitt, NSW , following postponement of the oath taking in December 2021.

Longtime Sonata member r Buddy Japon was elected earlier as president. The other officers are  

Vice-President Au Carlos, Secretary Demi Robinson, Treasurer Remy Harris, Asst Treasurer Mercy Caragay, Lina Zambrano Auditor, Penny Perfecto Public Relations Officer  and Isaac Zambrano Public Officer.

Sonata cultural officers are: Choirmaster Loy Tagudin, Program Director Tez Hermoso

Choir Coordinator Ross Aguilar, Costume Coordinator Ranzie Abutal, and Stage Manager Cynthia Japon

The Directors of Sonata are Amet Ednalino Luningning Laraza, Edith Chung Ma. Jocelyn Labayo ,

Efren Tagudin Maya Ibarra , Hansel Gara Nards Ednalino, Landi Elphinstone Ramon Ibardolaza

Laurencio Labayo Rey Villania , and Land Virgie Eleaza.

Asvisers are  Elvira Gacis and Mrs Virginia Atienza

President Buddy Japon expressed in his opening remarks that SONATA got started by a simple gathering of friends led by our able Choirmaster Loy Tagudin. Doing what they love to do, SONATA was formally launched in 2007. Today, Buddy commended the SONATA family, a group of senior citizens with Filipino ancestry, for remaining loyal, steadfast and committed in promoting our Philippine culture through our music