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Thanks to Filipino community

NSW Minister for Multiculturalism and Seniors Mr Mark Coure congratulated the Australian Filipio community in NSW for its staunch support in the fight against the pandemic in NSW.

NSW Minister for Multirulturalism and Seniors Mark Coure

The message was sent through Filipino community leader Mr. Jun Relunia of Philippine Australian Society of Senior Citizens (PASSCI).

Minister Coure said the community has been “fantastic, honouring the rules that are helping us counter this threat and stepping forward in great numbers to be vaccinated.”

Mr Coure said, “I specially commend the many volunteers and members of the Philippine Australian Society of Senior Ciizens for staying connected throughout the lockdown and for caring for each other in practical ways.”

“We encourage everyone to continue using common sense in limiting big gatherings and to get together outdoors if possible.”

“Please remain aware hat vaccinations remain the best way to protect our communities, and the boosters give additional protection to you, your families and your colleagues.”

Mr. Coure concluded, “Thank you again for your exceptional efforts during the pandemic. You have helped to save lives.