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Edgrdo Escultura

A sure way to win for Leni Robredo

   BY EDGAR ESCULTURA –    When martial law was imposed in the Philippines in 1972, innovative and organized corruption was established without trace in the Central Bank and Department of Budget but allowed the US$1.8 billion foreign debt to grow to a whooping US$414.7 billion today. Loans are for development but there is no trace of it either. This is what 1Sambayan wants to end by electing government officials of integrity and competence and with track record who reject corruption, extra judicial killings and others in the 2022 elections.

      It will be an election contest of sharp contrast between Lawyers Leni Robredo and Senator Francis Pangilinan of 1Sambayan vs Bongbong Marcos and Bong Go. The contrast is Marcos has no formal education beyond high school but he lied that he studied in Oxford and Georgetown Universities. He must have learned politics from his father and I can just imagine how he would run the country if he wins because of his money. But this could inspire people to campaign for Leni.

      I asked a Marcos loyalist how he would tackle this uphill battle. He replied, “remember, he is the richest man in the Philippines; he can buy votes because people need money”. Good, I said, we’ll have evidence of cheating enough to mobilize millions to surround Malacañan, escort Digong and his party out, prevent Bongbong from going in and pave the way for Leni’s first day as president.

      As for Digong he can escape his problems by asking the Chinese Embassy to take him to China where he can hide from ICC.