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Calvert IH

Bevan Calvert shines in the IHF Super Globe 2021

Fil-Aus handball sensation and pride Bevan Calvert adds to his recognition as a force to be reckoned with in the handball world.   His passionate and skilled play helped the Sydney Uni Handball team turn their last game in the International Handball Federation Super Globe 2021 from trailing by nine goals in the first half of the game, to draw at 26:26 with opposing team Al Wehda.   Calvert’s amazing performance and contribution as the team’s topscorer with ten goals was recognised by the Player of the Match award being given to him.

After being presented his Player of the Match award, Calvert was celebrated by his team in the Aussie way by hoisting him up in the air.

In his posting on his athlete page, Calvert stated:

“Was awarded player of the match yesterday. But this not an award just for me but for the team. Unbelievable that this team came together for the first time just over a week ago! It’s been a pleasure and a honour to share the court with you.”

The comments on the social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and websites are full of praises for the courageous play by the Sydney Uni team and the amazing performance of Calvert.

The IHF recognised the amazing performance of the Sdyney Uni Handball team in its comment on its website:

“The Australian side erased a nine-goal gap to secure a draw against Al Wehda, a superb performance that will remain in memory as one of the finest comebacks in the history of the competition.”

This was proudly commented on in the Handball Australia’s report on its website, and has this to say about Calvert:

“Calvert once again top-scored for the match, with an incredible ten goals, earning Man of the Match accolades and showing why he has been the most successful Australian handball player in the last decade.”

It is indeed a much celebrated result in the competition. Handball World News also commented on it; with its German content easily translated:
“Big surprise at the IHF Super Globe. After a clear 8:17 break deficit, the team from Sydney University HC fought for a 26:26 draw against hosts Al Wehda. Bevan Calvert was the Australians’ outstanding player with 10/3 goals, while Majdi Omrah Helali (6/3), Alexander Barabash and Hesham Hanafy (5 each) scored the most goals.”

Placing 8th is the best result that Sydney Uni Handball has achieved in its many years of representing Oceania in Super Globe.  The team management and players certainly can be proud of themselves with the way the team played against professional teams which had been playing together for a long time in comparison with Sydney Uni’s training of only one week