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PASSCI Seniors

PASSCI Seniors celebrate “Mothers’ Day”, Santacrusan fest and May Seniors birthdays

BY JUN RELUNIA – The Philippine Australian Society for Senior Citizens, Inc ( PASSCI) honoured the 2021 PASSCI Mothers of the Year; re-enacted the famous Philippine May tradition of Santacruzan and celebrated the birthdays of members born in May during a special meeting at Fairfield Community Hall joined by 46 PASSCI members.

The meeting captured the traditional joy and happiness among PASSCI seniors

Congratulations to the PASSCI Mothers of the Year –  Linda Alvarez Barnes, Dina Watts and Wilhelmina ( Mimi ) Wilson. They received sash, flowers and plaques as PASSCI honoured them as outstanding mothers with their children on hand to witness the joy on their faces.

PASSCI also celebrated the birthdays of PASSCI members Efren Maalat, Glecy Gobbo, Cres Olechnik and Zent Evangelista despite the absence of . blowing of birthday candles due to COVID 19 restrictions ,

PASSCI celebrated the traditional religious festival Santacruzan as colourful as ever with Jesusa Agacaoili as 2021 Reyna Elena with and yours truly as her Consort.

The characters were Graeme Freeburn as King Solomon accompanied by Lettie Aguilar as Queen of Sheeba. The other participants casts of the Santacruzan procession included Ester Icasiano as Our Lady of Sorrows, Mimi Hernandez as   Reyna Luzon, Lala Pimentel as Reyna Visaya, Perla Pimentel as Reyna Mindanao, Dina Watts as Rosa Mystica with Carmelito de Laroya as her partner and Caring Grapillon as Reyna Banderada. The procession was accompanied by the song “ Dios Te Salve Maria” played on the organ by Linda Alvarez Barnes.

In between the program there were singing by Pilar Quilliam; Hawaiian dancers; public dancing including limbo rock.

Mobile phone cameras were clicking as members captured today’s momentous occasion.

Thanks to Linda Alvarez Barnes as Program director in producing another excellent program; Tino Guico for the being DJ and providing the sound system, Kitchen team, photographers led by Efren Maalat, Ben and Edith Bongat for the delicious birthday cake; the registration desk team and Mimi Wilson who was responsible for the PASSCI fellowship. Thanks also to PASSCI director Rolly Atienza for his role in making sure that the venue is ready for the meeting and closing the venue.