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“Selfless Love” Concert helps adversely affected int’l students and temporary visitor during COVID-19

The Selfless Love Concert which was held on March 28 at the FCF Life Centre in Minchinbury, NSW and jointly undertaken by Radio Tagumpay and FCF Life Centre succeeded in its goal to deliver assistance to people adversely affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

International students beneficiaries Riza Na Cezar Jarnea. middle, and concert committee members B. Perdon and V. Calvert
Beneficiaries Glenn and May Sumahit. standing middle, with concert committee members Cris Guci and Marion Tan, standing at ends, and Vida Fernandes. Violi Calvert and Beng Perdon

 Firstly, it brought together the community towards an initiative to help kababayans in dire need of assistance.    Secondly, it showcased talents of artists and crew, producing a show we can claim to be “world class” based on feedback from the people who watched at the venue and through the livestreamed show. 

Last but not least, it achieved its main aim of extending assistance to Myrna Punay, the Pinay on tourist visa who went blind on both eyes and four international student families. 

The organisers requested  Vida Aquino Fernandez, President of the Australian Pinoy Students Association to provide recommendations and information on families who have requested assistance.   The families were also requested to put in a submission on their cases.  All information received from both APSA and the families were examined by the Assessment Committee comprised of Pastor Marion Tan and Mrs Beng Perdon for the FCF Life Centre, and Ms Criz Guce and Violi Calvert representing Radio Tagumpay.

With the talented artists and crew donating their talents and the generous support of sponsors and the community who bought tickets and snacks, the concert raised the net amount of $7,500.  This was equally distributed to Myrna Punay and four international student families.

Of  the recipients, one faces dialysis as his health condition is now assessed being on Stage 5 Kidney Failure, with only a son able to work limited hours.  Another couple have gone into financial loss and possible legal action relating to a business they accepted on good faith and at the same time; also facing the need to raise huge sum of money to bring back their three children who were not able to come back with them due to the lockdown after attending the funeral of their grandfather in Manila.   The third couple who are sharing accommodation may end up paying $400 a week as the person they are sharing is moving to Queensland in June; only the husband can work in a casual job as the wife has to care for their young child.  The fourth couple also has to pay tuition fee for their son who is in a kindergarten school, aside from their own tuition fees, with them only working casual and limited hours.  (Supporting documents regarding the expenses and funds given to the beneficiaries are held confidentially.  If anyone is interested to view them, a meeting can be arranged with the Assessment Committee.)

The handover of the funds to five recipients took place at the FCF Life Centre on Friday, 23rd April at 7pm undertaken by Pastor Marion Tan, Beng Perdon, Criz Guce and Violi Calvert, with APSA President, Vida Fernandez in attendance.   Then the second handover event was held on Saturday, 24th April at 10.30am for the couple who could not make it the day before, with Beng Perdon and Violi Calvert doing the handover.

Radio Tagumpay, FCF Life Centre, and the whole Selfless Love Concert Team appreciate the generous support of the sponsors and the community.