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APCO (Salazar wing) Inducted 24 March

The newly elected Board of Management of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations (APCO) Inc. for 2021-2023, was officially inducted into office by Mr Paul Lynch M.L.A. Member for Liverpool on the 24th March 2021 at the Liverpool Library. The event was also witnessed by Alric Bulseco, President of the NSW Philippine Community Council.

The newly-elected Officers are: President – Jhun Salazar; Vice-President Senior – Cora Paras IPP; Vice-President Junior – Larry Perez; Secretary – Linda Price; Treasurer – Edna Voros; Internal Auditor – Alma Middlebrook; Press Relations Officer – Richard J Ford ; Directors- Rita Agostino, Joe Agostino, Linda Trinidad, Roberto Sacilotto, Mars Cavestany, Violi Miguel, Dian Ford, Pet Storey. Absent was Joe Agostino.

After the photo shoot, everyone stayed for a quiet celebration followed by the Monthly Meeting.

The newly sworn-in President Jhun Salazar addressed the members of the board with a synopsis of activities that will cater for the young and old, particularly, the promotion of health and fitness to improve confidence and vitality of each member to better serve the wider community. President Salazar expressed his hopes and intense desire for a united and reinvigorated APCO