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Alric Bulseco

PCC-NSW’s Bushfire Assistance Appeal reaches $4,995

PHOTO: Mr Alric Buleco during an earlier  PCC-NSW Christmas Party

PCC-NSW President Alric Bulseco issued a statement 24 January that PCC-NSW’s Bushfire Assistance Appeal has already raised the amount of $4,995.00.

Mr Bulseco said the Blue Mountains Rural Fire Service on 1 Valley Road, Katoomba will be the beneficiary of the appeal. The handover of the proceeds of the appeal will be on 1 February 2020.

Mr Bulseco said the appeal will cease on 30 January 2020.

The listed donors of the appeal are as follows in varying amounts: Philippine Community Council-NSW, Danny Rosales, Cecilia Paton, Zenita Acaba, Angelita Smith, Jorge Villaroman, Australian Visayab Multiculural Association, Rey and Marissa Maoton, Grace Liston, Matthew Gile, Tiffi Ramos, Alric Buleco, FACAES, Ateneo Alumni Association, Mike Alvarez, Elaine Aviola, Rado Gatchalian, Samar Association of Australia, Timek Ti La Union, Elsa Collado, Linda Geronimo.

The donations were received thru PADER Account with St George Bank.

Mr Bulseco said more updates will be issued later.