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Bicol and Friends Association of Australia

Community Organisations that faded away


At one time these Philippine community organisations had their hey days, so to speak.

They commanded the following of many Filipino-Australians whose interest and passion coincided with the goals of the organisation.  One of such now defunct organisation was able to establish a “Pilipino language” Saturday school fully accredited with the NSW government.

Another organisation amazingly had the cooperation between local business people and workers as reflected in their club name itself. This community organisation was able to establish a clubhouse in the middle of Blacktown CBD and for a season was the default meeting place and venue of Filipino community organisation activities.

Another one based in Fairfield used to hold a fornightly meeting of Filipinos usually with a visiting Filipino celebrity from the Philippines. At one time this club promoted the sales and reading of Filipino published books,  holding a symposia with well known Filipino authors as speakers.

As of 2019, they are all absent from the Philippine community scene. and I must be sure they are all defunct organisations.