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PCC election

Asks PCC-NSW Board to hold AGM and Elections earlier than announced schedule

A group of 20 affiliates of the peak organisation Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW) in a petition said they are appalled of the decision of the 2020 PCC-NSW Board to hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the financial year ending December 2020 in late June 2021 as circulated to affiliates by PCC-BSW President Alric Bulseco in January 2021.

The petition led by Ms Kate Andres of Filipino Cooperative Ltd, asked the PCC-NSW Board to convene the AGM and elections soonest.

PHOTO; Affiliates representatives during the 2020 February AGM and Elections at Marayong Community Centre in Marayong, NSW

The petition said there are no justifiable grounds that warrant a change or delay the holding of AGM. It said, “We demand that the AGM and Elections  be held on or before 14 March 2021 for the following reasons:

  1. PCC-NSW held its elections in the last 29 years in January or February and by exception the latest on the second week of March. The last two AGMs were held on 16 February 2020 and 9 March 2019.
  2. Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed and now allows 300 guests for meetings and events.
  3. NSW Fair Trading issued an advisory on AGMs for financial year ending I 20019 and 2020 to be held jointly by March 2021.
  4. The PCC-NSW Board organised and actively promoted a 30th Anniversary event to be held on 30 January 2021 but cancelled it on 9 January 2021 as the venue, Bowman Hall, could not previously accommodate the previously booked 168 guests. If an event decided by the Board for 168 guests during this pandemic then there is no valid reason why the Board cannot hold this important AGM and Elections as usual in February or March especially when Covid restrictions had been eased;
  5. PCC-NSW’s financial year ends in 31December and this cannot be changed without Affiliates’ approval by special resolution. The reference to financial year ending 30 June in the NSW Fair Trading New Model Rules is only optional, not mandatory;
  6. Convening an AGM in the middle of the year is unfair to the 2021 Board who ae not afforded sufficient time to perform their duties and functions, plan and organise projects and activities.

Signatories to the petition:

Kate Andres, Filipino Cooperative Ltd; Roger Fabian, Philippine Australian Medical Association; Jun Relunia, Philippine Australian Society of Senior Citizens Inc (PASSCI); Solina Lapalma, ASAN, Inc: Jaime Lopez, NARRA Inc; Edna Longhurst, Ilocano Association of Australia (IAA); Ferdie Francisco, TILAUNA; Dorothy del Villar, AGAPI; Jesus Manalo, ADOLP; Zena Sama, BICOL Inc; Teresita Hermoso, Sydney Australian Filipino Seniors, Inc (SAFSI); Manny Diel, for 1) Filipino Australian Artistic & Cultural Endeavours Society Inc. (FAACES inc), and 2) University of the East Alumni Association;  Ronaldo Villaver, for 1) Australian Visayas Multicultural Association, 2) Baybay & Friends Association and EVESTCO; Ethel Singzon, Samar Association of Australia; Jocelyn Robinson, Kananga Setlers and Residents Abroad (KRSA); Rox Molavin, Filipino Australian Community Association of Eastern Sydney; Lee Meekan, Abra Association of Australia; Rose Lay, Filipino Women’s Support Group MacArthur; and Cris Bacaucang, Kalayaan, Inc.