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Christopher Booth: singing with one’s heart

IMG_8864Christopher Booth started his journey with the Filipino community a few short years ago.

One evening, Chris wandered into then Pinoy Lounge in Blacktown  where talents of Sennie Masian were doing a recital with no less than local entertainers  Marcus Rivera and Henna Perez.

Christopher  was impressed with the event, and introduced himself to talents scout and producer Sennie Masian.

She then asked him to sing at her birthday party a few months later, and the wheels were set in motion.

“Tita Sennie”  took him under her wing,  introducing  him to the community.

Since then Chris has been warmly welcomed into the community, and has sung at numerous events including the Philippine Pasko at Darling Harbour  and the Fiesta Kultura, an annual event at Fairfield Show ground

Chris loves to sing, and has added Tagalog songs to his repertoire, as well as English, Spanish and Italian numbers.

Chris loves to bring joy to others through his music, bless them, encourage them, and leave them happier than before. Early this year,  Chris sang at the concert  Threelogy  with another indefatigable singer Mr Jay Gaerlan. Before that, there were one Filipino community event  followed by another.

Chris never forget to do community work and help man the gates of such event as the Blacktown City Show at Blacktown Showground. Early this year he volunteered at the Blacktown Lions Club, raising funds for the children’s ward of Mt Druitt Hospital.

For his bread and butter, Chris has grown  in the IT profession considerably from help desk to higher responsibilities, having worked with Fujitsu, Solonoid & Gigi, Rli Lily and Company and Hewlett and Packard.

Chris went to Narrambundah Colllege as well as studied for Music Diploma at Canberra School of Music.. In the call of music, Chris has been a jazz musician as well as music ministry director at Life Anglican Church.

Married and father of three, Chris reminds himself that within one’s heart, one can make plans for the future ,but the Lord chooses the steps to get there.’ He found assurance from the passage of  the Bible from Proverbs 6:9 which says, “Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes. Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, feasting on his faithfulness.”

Next time you see this Anglo-Saxon singer on stage and ask who. He’s Christopher Booth, the singer with a heart for people.