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Prodigy Martial Arts, taekwando

Prodigy Martial Arts Win Medals at Taekwando National Comp

ProdigyMA3Seven school children from Western Sydney who trained  with the  Prodigy Martial Arts also in Seven Hills  captured medals in the Australian National Taekwando Championship held in Bendigo, Victoria

The Taekwando championships was held last 6-8 October.

The martial arts students and the medals  they won include:  Ashlei Raymond (gold), Dylan Sicst(gold), Nicholas Limpiado (silver), Ben Camua (bronze), Dean Sicat (bronze), Alexander Camua (bronze),, and Raphael Lmpiado (bronze),

The seven kids from Prodigy Martial Arts Academy  travelled to Bendigo, Victoria as a delegation, and all of them garnered medals. All the boys are proud Filipino-Australian residents of Western Sydney with Prodigy Martial Arts Academy as their  training home.

Bayanihan visited their training studio one Friday evening  under class coach Dr Raul Landeo, a specialist in sports science and the biomechanics of Taekwando martial arts.

Prodigy studio is located at the shop -1 at the corner of Best Road and McKenzie Street in Seven Hills, just in front of the Hills Sports  High School, in Seven Hills, NSW.

Prodigy Martial Arts is a world class martial arts school under Master Peter Vass. The school’s web site says of a vision to enrich the local community with innovative skills that lay upon a strong tradition of martial arts values and the five tenets of Taekwando of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

The  site said it is important to integrate these Taekwando core values into a lifestyle that is empowering, fun,  and healthy an at the same time character building for everyone. From three years old to 70 years old. Prodigy Martial Arts can be contacted on 02 9636 5767 with or through its web site