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Radio Tagumpay broadcsasters Montemayo,, Calvert, Marsh

North Sydney’s Comradio Radio Tagumpay shines in new slot

North Sydney’s Radio Tagumpay, the two hour live radio show which airs on Triple H 100.1FM has moved to Mondays, between 2pm and 4pm. 

This change of schedule aims to facilitate the attendance and participation by the Radio Tagumpay team, Violi Calvert, Jinky Marsh and Josephine Montemayor, at community events which are increasingly held on its previous slot of Fridays.

The radio show continues to offer packed programs comprised of recorded and live interviews at the studio and by telephone patch, news, community events information, Original Pinoy Music [OPM], story telling and Filipino language class. 

It boasts of regular contributors such as Consul Ford Angeles who shares updates and new information from the Philippine Consulate Sydney and Nina Concepcion, who is known as the Naked Life Coach following writing a book about being authentic , sharing tips on how to tackle life challenges.

‘Tagumpay’ is the Filipino word for ‘success.

Radio Tagumpay upholds the philosophy that success is not just about what one achieves, but what one inspires others to achieve. 

The radio show can be streamed via .  Information on the contents and information on the radio show, is also available on its Facebook page :