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Pageant of the World launches in Sydney

THE FIRST AUSTRALIAN born and bred international pageant, aptly named “Pageant of the World” is set to launch at the internationally renown and modern Australian venue, Quay at Circular Quay, Sydney, with the picturesque Sydney harbour as its backdrop on Thursday February 18th, said Ms Cindy Dionisio, CEO of   Pageant of the World organising body.

The pageant started off as a local one called “Miss Australasian” in 2015 with Australian candidates from a variety of multi-cultural backgrounds and in 2016 has opened its arms to contestants abroad.

Ms Cindy Dionisio saw the need and opportunity to branch out internationally and to rebrand the pageant due to its new goal of attracting  overseas contestants to the Sydney based competition. It is the first Aussie born and bred pageant to have sought candidates across the globe to compete in Sydney.

Cindy says, “Pageant Of The World is created and conceptualised in Australia and aims to drastically change the “traditional” image of beauty pageant.

“We are about developing positive role models who can offer more than just their beauty. Our candidates contribute to the community at large through their skills, talents, giftedness and their ongoing volunteer and charity work in areas that really need attention like the aged and the disabled in our society.

The main event will be held at the Sydney Town Hall, George Street on July 8th where the world’s best role models locally and internationally will compete for the coveted title of “Woman of the World” in 2016.

Cindy says, “The eventual title holder should represent  one true global citizen, a role model for the world who is an ambassador for cultural celebration, harmony, equality and social justice.  Her reign would involve a range of activities integrating charity work and raising awareness for a variety of causes such as the education of children in impoverished areas in the Philippines.”

Cindy explains that the “pageant is no easy ride for the candidates, we expect them to do their ground work and they undergo workshops, training and lots of community work whilst trying to compete in the pageant itself but in the end their experience and journey with us would be a most valuable and life changing one…they truly would become a different woman, a respected, confident, connected, knowledgeable person and a true woman of the world.”

Deadline for entries into this year’s competition is March 31, 2016.