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New ACI Edifice for Campbelltown Community Activities

The  Philippine Australian Arts, Culture and Innovation Central (ACI Central) in Campbelltown

BY RICHRD FORD – Philippine Australian Arts, Culture (PAAC)  and Innovation Central 2  were inaugurated by NARRA Co-o-operative  Ltd and Plaza Filipino Inc. last 15th September 2017 at the ACI Central 2 Artisan Building, 3-9 Warby Street, Campbelltown NSW 2560.

Campbelltown Councillor Rey Manoto,  and Dr. Jimmy Lopez presided the ribbon cutting while Father Ferdinand de la Cruz undertook the blessing of the edifice.    Dr Lopez  stressed  that future contributions will  help the community learn more about the Filipino Culture and History. Councillor Rey Manato  delivered the message of  Mayor of Campbelltown,Councillor George Brticevic, congratulating the Campbelltown community for the addition of another edifice for community activities.


Philippine Consul Marford Angeles and Campbelltown Councillor MasooChowdbury meanwhile unveiled the Plaque of Legacy Supporters a list of contributors and supporters.

He said he felt the warm friendship that he hasn’t seen anywhere else where he has served in his capacity as Consul. He asked also  the ACI supporters to keep up with the good work for the Filipino Community, and to keep in touch. 

Community leader Mr Charles Chan  was master of ceremonies.  Enrolees at the  Legacy Supporters of ACI, and senior citizens  were honoured for their contribution towards their respective family.


The establishment of the ACI Central 1 and Central 2 are achievements  for members and friends of NARRA Co-Op Ltd and Plaza Filipino Inc., able to purchase now two properties in such a short time .

Dr. Jimmy Lopez, the President of NARRA Co-op Ltd., also expressed his appreciation to all who contributed to the Tribute to Mothers and Fathers 2017, which was held on the 3rd September at The Dome, Burwood RSL Club.  Titled Audrey and Elvis a Tribute to Fathers and Mothers 2017,  concert featured performers Marcus

SepACI4Rivera and Michele Baltazar

The night was full of glitter and pizzazz as Elvis has “returned” and the music provided by the Re-Groove Band adding that extra touch of emotion, to a night that was in itself an annual remembrance of the role mums and dads to the family unit.