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Hot Mamaz in Sydnney

Hot Mamaz Filipino Fashionistas

Mamaz of Sydney is no ordinary Filipino community organisation.
Whilst many won’t pick the club to go the distance, officials of the club were thankful that it was able to hold on to its regular dancing events and even contributed significantly to a number of community causes for seven years.
Long serving spokesperson Mrs. Neria Soliman said . “Hot Mamaz is not all flair. It is for helping donating funds to the different charitable organisations. “
With its core of membership still standing at 14 wives and one widow, Hot Mamaz had provided members and friends an avenue to express themselves in in fashion, dancing, and a bit of community service.
Mrs Neria Soliman recalled one occasion when
they passed the hat around to pay for the hospitalization of a visiting nun.
The club hosted last Saturday 26 September the Hot Mamaz 7th Anniversary Fashion Extravaganza at Blacktown RSL Club. Hot Mamaz had 292 guests and 26 models which showcased the Filipiniana collection.
Hot Mamaz is currently led by Ms Sheila Collantes. Club stalwarts through the years comprise of founder Arlene Howe, Ofelia Kasilag, Neria Soliman and Sheila herself.
In the words of its blog promoter, the event was “an evening of glamour, to indulge in a sumptuous dinner and be excited as you watch our carefully prepared entertainment.
“Featuring the unique work of Ruel Rivera, a very talented, gifted and famous couturier, we will showcase a mix of the latest haute couture in contemporary Filipiniana and vogue evening gowns”
Mr Ruel Rivera is reportedly one of the most reliable and sought after fashion designer in the Philippines.
Hot Mamaz Exemplifies the Filipino migrant’s high regard for celebration and having fun.