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Rica Alido Sey Crowned Miss Philippines Australia 2015

FiestaKultura2015 (25) (150x200)For the second time active Western Sydney-based community organisation Visayan Association of Australia or VAA has sponsored the winning candidate for Miss Philippine Australia at the annual Philippine Fiesta Kultura held at Fairfield Showground in Fairfield, NSW.
Fiesta Kultura is the long running fiesta event in Australia’s Philippine community with annual visitors numbering up to 20,000.
Like her predecessor beauty candidate Glyssa Perez who was crowned Miss Philippines Australia in 2014, Miss Rica Alido Sey,also sponsored by VAA, was crowned Miss Philippines Australia for 2015, a fitting reward to Miss Sey and her supporters who worked hard and with dedication.
The contest involved wide networking activities as well as active fund raising initiative in the Philippines community and the among community’s friends nd suporters.
Miss Rica Alido Sey’ dedication, hard work and belief in what she is doing was noticeable during the lead up to the beauty pageant’s final day at the Fiesta. Great contributions came from Gabe Amor who groomed her and Chit Serra, her Manager and the attention by make up artist Samantha Von-Dutch.
Visayan Association of Australia President Jhun Salazar and all the VAA Board Members were themselves confident of their candidate’s edge in the beauty contest. Of course, not to be ignored was the role of the beauty queen’s parents Alex and Lita Sey, who gave up so much to help their daughter through as relatives and friends stuck by her to the end.
The Visayan Association also competed in the Dance Competition scoring 3rd place for the Visayan Dance Group against tough opposition from Fil-Oz Liverpool, with 2nd place and the VSD combined with PCC dancers won 1st place.
The visiting Philippine celebrity Derek Ramsey wowed the fans with innumerable selfies galore. Singer Stephanie Bernardo captivated many with her crystal voice, along with local community’s pride and balladeer Brian Lorenz. Emcee at the main stage were Michelle Baltazar and Marcus Riveria, for depicted the imaginary “The Marcus & Michelle Show”, tto the fun, laughter and eexcitment of the audience
Actual voting result for the pageant was Miss Philippines Australia 2015 – Rica Sey ( contestant no. 6) who also won the Best in Evening Gown, Miss Photogenic and Best in Swimwear. Miss Philippines Australia 2015 Runner-up was Jerelyn Tabuan (contestant no. 5), who also was Charity Princess 2015 and Best in Filipiniana.
The other prestigious beauty title of Charity Queen Australia 2015 was awarded to Susana Downes (contestant no.8), who also won Miss Popularity, with Gabby Escubio (contestant no. 7) winning the title of Miss Friendship.
Altogether it was a very hot day but an enjoyable one with plenty of Filipino Fare. The roaring crowd filled the night supporting their candidates but no one beat the Visayan Association’s supporters with their ecstatic mood with drum and megaphone to top up the already loud squeal from supporters. Everyone went home some feeling ecstatic, exhausted and a sigh of relief while others are hopeful to win the crown next year. Such was a night of beauty and contrast. BY RICHARD FORD