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Community Language Awardees

Settlement Council Indorses 2015 Australian Govt’. Budget

Community Language School Awardees
Community Language Awardees

The Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) is pleased that the 2015-2016 Federal Budget announcement continued existing commitments to settlement funding, SCOA Chair Dewani Bakkum said..

The 2015-2016 Budget allocates $149.5 million to settlement funding, with increases over the next four years in line with future allocations in the migration and humanitarian programs.

The Migration Program and Humanitarian Program allocations remain unchanged, with the Temporary Protection Visa holder numbers an addition to the 2015-2016 Humanitarian Program numbers of 13,750.

“Settlement funding is vital in ensuring migrants and refugees receive the support necessary to settle in Australia, become independent, and contribute to the community. SCOA is pleased with the continuation of this funding, which will enable the sector to continue its important work,” SCOA Chair Bakkum said.

SCOA further welcomes additional funding allocated to The Youth Employment Strategy which offers employment support for vulnerable youth. A total of $330 million has been allocated to The Youth Employment Strategy, including new funding of $212 million for the Youth Transition to Work programme, and $106 million for intensive support for key groups of vulnerable job seekers, such as refugees and migrants.

“The sector has long advocated for targeted and flexible employment support. The new measures for vulnerable groups including migrants and refugees will support young people to engage successfully in the workforce, contributing to positive long term outcomes for young people and the community,” Ms Bakkum said.

SCOA also welcomes the news that for the next twelve months English language support through the AMEP will now be available to people who hold certain temporary visas (Temporary Protection Visas, Save Haven Enterprise Visas and Temporary Humanitarian Concern Visas).