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Consular Outreach to Moree and Surrounding Areas in NSW

Conular outreach (250x191)The Philippine Consulate General in Sydney will conduct a Counsular Outreach Mission to Moree, NSW and surrounding areas on Sunday 7 June 2015 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Moree Town Hall, 36 Balo Street, Moree 2400NSW.

During the mission, applications for registration for Overseas Voting and th following consular documents will be accepted

1. ePassport’

2. Notarials/authentications

3. Card registry – report of birth, report of marriageand

4. NBI Clearance

Please check with web site  for requirement for each of  these documents.

Applicants are advised to send to the Consulate, via email to or through fax no. 02 9262 7355, their accomplished form and supporting documents on or before 29 May 2015 so that the Consular Team can assess whether submit documents are complete and so that applicants can be advised beforehand of any additional document that they must present and may contact the Consulate

Applicants for civil registry and those who want their documents notarised or authenticated are advised to bring  a self-addressed envelope for use by the Consulate  in mailing the processed document.

For queries, please contact the Consulate at telephone number 02 9262 7377 or the Consular Duty Officer on 0466 281 400.

The focal person contact for the mission to Moree is Fr. Paul Aguiar, with mobile no 0466 381608 and email  address