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One noticeable changes in society’s media of communication is the rise of what is called as citizen journalists. With the medium of communication easily reached by the ordinary individual, an increasing situation of information overload is also being experienced. 

Not only there exists an inflation of media practitioners or increasing numbers of reporters, broadcasters, opinion makers, there is also a growing need for multi-tasked communicators. 

Gone are the days of the dedicated newsbeat reporters and news roundspersons who spend lifetime developing contacts or sources to regularly collect the news. Now, it also follows the news reporter had to expand, either he or she becomes a “newsmaker” himself or become a deadwood behind the news desk. 

In the small world of Philippine community news coverage for instance are emerging a breed of what I call “Journactors” who rightly or wrongly (only time will only tell)  not only write or report the news, but themselves “create” the news.

It is becoming a different paradigm where news reporters become not only the spokesperson of a certain community cause or project or an event, but become the event management coordinator if not the proponent of the event themselves.

In Sydney’s Philippine community, the organisation of community media people and kindred interests Filipino Press Group of Sydney receives a certain type of vibrancy from members who are not restrictively writer, authors or broadcasters. It has members who had track record as entertainment concert promoters, event managers, if not entertainment personalities themselves. 

The “Journactors” are themselves the impressarios of awards nights, celebration ball, opening nights and other celebrations.

No wonder one is tempted to ponder “Is this the age of the selfie?” The reporter and the photographer had to write, and take photo of the news subject or the newsmaker. The reporter is the subject of the write up himself.