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Brain Injury Awareness Week Poster

Brain Injury Is Not Something We Think About

BangonabeanieBrain injury is not something most of us think about every day, yet an acquired brain injury can change a life instantly and with little warning.
As a lawyer, I deal every day with clients who have acquired a brain injury as a result of a traumatic accident – often a traumatic road accident.
The circumstances and the severity of the injuries vary, but almost universally there is a challenging period of adjustment.
It is inspiring to see the commitment, love, perseverance and bravery shown by my clients and their families during these times.
Acquired Brain Injury Awareness Week (August 12 to 18) is a national initiative that aims to support the estimated 1.6 million Australian who have some form of brain injury.
I would encourage your readers to visit and participate.
Genevieve Henderson