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PACSI Settlement Agency 2013 Officers

Philippine Australian Community Settlement, Inc.  or PACSI announced  the new officers and members of its management committee for 2013-2014. Continuation of the April 20th General Meeting on 9 August 2013 finally resolved the line up of officers.

The PACSI officers are Natividad Millarez, president; Gilda Balasoto, vice president; Rebecca Cameron, second vice president; Evelyn Alejandro, secretry; Efren Maalat, treasurer; and Maria Theresa Cuevas, public relations officer.  Elected members of the management committee are Maria Buluran, Alfredo Pedrosa, Maria Bandayrel and Jeniffer Tapao.

New PACSI President Natividad  Millarez said, “It is now time to move on and get on with the work. What has happened in the past few months has shown us the importance of our Constitution, understanding the responsibilities of the Management committee and most of all fighting what is right for PACSI members an the Filipino community”

PACSI PRO Maria Theresa Cuevas can be contacted on 02 9672 3738.

PACSI is funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to provide settlement services.