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Golf is like karaoke

Golf coupled with Karaoke

Golf is like  karaoke
Perfect drive by Bernard Bravo
Ladies golf
Winning putt by Priscilla Keogh

Ric de Vera, GOLF CORNER

There’s a lot about golf that hook us; the buddies (friendship & camaraderie), the birdies (lucky shots/putts) and a classy course, for example.

But have you ever tried playing golf in the morning, partaking a sumptuous lunch and joining a karaoke singing afterwards? While drinking your favourite soft drinks, beer or double black whiskey?

Believe me it goes beyond being hooked on golf.

One golf enthusiast wonders if there’s a similarity between golf and karaoke singing. I bet you too are wondering.

 The event happened one sunny winter Sunday, August 4 at Georges River Golf Club when eighteen (18) golf enthusiasts from Sydney Jokers Social Golf Club and two visitors from the Philippines decided to take advantage of the perfect weather to play the tournament.

There’s no doubt that everyone enjoyed the game of golf that they all loved, especially when there’s standing invitation for barbeque lunch thereafter. “This is one of the biggest attendance on a Sunday regular weekly comp”, said a surprised Jokers president, Ralph Posadas.

After the tournament, everyone proceeded to Speedy Villanueva’s house for the sumptuous lunch of hot pork & vegetable soup, fried fish, menudo and others, courtesy of Angie, the lovely wife of Speedy. Later in the afternoon, crispy turon (wrapped sweet banana and jack fruit) was likewise served aplenty, while singing.

The Karaoke singing portion was manned by Danny Martinez, the ever efficient disk jockey who was inundated with most requested songs.

Most popular artists were Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Neil Diamond and Victor Wood. Among the favourite songs are Green, green grass of home; My way; New York, New York and Sweet Caroline. That shows the ages of the majority of the golfers.

I was humbled when asked to sing, although I went for ‘Unchained Melody’ and my wife Emma’s favourite ‘I can’t stop loving you’, which I rendered with gusto. I said to myself “it was really great to sing while drinking”.

Most popular OPM tagalog songs were also rendered by Dr Anton Andres to the listening delights of his fans, including this writer.

The day’s tournament champion was Ferdi Francisco with his net score of 67, after deducting his handicap of 27. This was followed by Fel Ranoso with gross score of 88 and net 68 strokes as the runner up.

Both golfers received cash prizes of $60 and $20, respectively. The ever reliable treasurer, Gert Ebing presented the cash to the winners.

All golfers paid $50 each for golf, lunch and karaoke. It’s worth it.

On another matter, there’s a saying in golf  “to drive for show and putt for dough”.  It has been my long desire to come up with an exciting photo showing this adage in golf. Some of the Journos are asking me to take a candid or action shot in golf, until lately.