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Appeal to Help PACC Centre Schofields Pay Debt

A committee member of the Philippine multi-purpose centre in Schofields, NSW now known as Philippine Australian Cultural Centre or PACC   said there is a need for support from the Philippine community  to pay off the $400,000 interest in 6 months  “otherwise we will lose the thing that we have worked on for years.”

Mr Alberto Prias, a member of the PACC committee  which coordinates with the Blacktown City Council commented  on the possibility of establishing  an aged care facility at the Schofield property in the conversation loop of the  Filipino Press Group of Sydney.

Mr Prias said, ”Before you think of developing the area, please help in paying the $400 thousand interest debt of the property (due in 6 months).  Then the $600T principal (balance of the principal).”

Mr Prias said the goal is achievable and need the help of everyone. He said, “A $10 donation every month is nothing for us but it will be a big thing for the centre if 5,000 people will contribute.

Mr Prias said further,” I agree that this matter should be publicised to get support from the community.”

Mr Jimmy Pimentel convenor of the Filipino Press Group of Sydney was canvassing  ideas for proposing the development of an aged care facility in Schofields in the  light of a recent promise by the Australian government to give assistance worth $10 million to the Muslim community in Sydney for the establishment of an aged care facility. Pimentel  received comments from a number of community leaders.

Mr Prias also commented that only the slightly elevated side of the PACC Schofield property Is  suitable for covered building facility.  The rest of the 5.5 acre property are suitable for “uncovered activity like open field, picnic and sports. Temporary facilities for special events like marquees are permitted.

Mr  Jose Relunia, Jr. president of  a separate senior citizens group Philippine Australian Society of senior Citizens Inc or PASSCI said another committee in the peak organisation Philippine Communities Council  has been studying the proposal how to establish an aged care facility for Filipino seniors.

Mr Relunia added the Federal  advisory body  Filipino Ministerial Advisory Council or FMCC is also looking into the matter, but FMCC’s priority is another proposal regarding the approval of a reciprocal agreement between Australia and the Philippines on  superannuation issues.