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Tagalog Association of Australia

Tagalog Association Hosts Balagtasan on 1 Sept.

Tagalog Association of Australia
Tagalog Association of Australia

The Tagalog Association of Australia, Inc  or TAA will hold a “Balagtasan” (poetical  joust) on Sunday September 2013 at The Hub on 9 Ayres street, Mt Druitt in New South Wales as part of the celebration of  Pambansang Wika (national language) of  the Philippines.

Token admission of $10 for adults and $5 for  kid apply.

The event will be held  from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday 1 September.

Balagtasan is a lively poetical joust onstage between two seasoned  poets whose amazing mastery of rhyme and reason  in the Filipino language display a test of talent more or less like modern day court room battle.

This show is a rare performance and a must  to every student of the Filipino language as well as nostalgia seekers for once rich Filipino stage literary forms performed onstage.

Balagtasan will be emceed by Ms Lilian delos Reyes and Mr Bert Magsakay, both true blue Tagalog from Bulacan in the Philippines. Jousting as Balagtasan orators are Mr Ross Aguilar, broadcaster of Sydney’s community radio program Pinoy Radio and Mrs Aida Morden, book author and community newspaper editor.

Special guests are the Sonata Singers choir, balladeer Rene Sanchez and Richard Peralta, ABS-CBN talent.

For more information, please call Danny Peralta 0451 973823 ,  Lilian delos Reyes,0416 027 467; Ross Aguilar, 0422 227 344; Aida Morden 0415 23 284.

TAA is an association established recently in Sydney comprising of Filipino migrants in Australia from Central Luzon or Tagalog region.

Tagalog is one of the dominant indigenous language of the Philippine which form the basis of  now developing Manila language called “Filipino.”

Balagtasan is one of the rich form of literature and stage entertainment in pre-war and post war Philippines.

At various stages,  Balagtasan made its mark the Philippines in radio broadcast and some extent on broadcast TV, not to mention in school and college convocations.

There are still circles of Balagtasan poets in Manila who can stage Balagtasan contests on call.