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Tryouts for Big League Basketball

THE newly formed Filipino Australian Basketball (FAB) is opening the door for young players with tryouts for spots in a big-name team of the National Basketball League (NBL).

In a first for the Filipino basketball community, three of the best players selected from the tryouts may fill one reserve point-guard position and two development team positions in the NBL side.

”The invitation to FAB for the positions came  from the NBL team’s coach and captain,” said Miko Selorio, a FAB director with Mon (Ray) Policarpio and Mon Carpo.

”The tryouts will be held under FAB between 10am and 12pm on Sunday, June 9, at Kevin Betts Stadium, Mount Druitt.”

FAB will send the three best players selected at the tryouts to vie for the positions open in the NBL team.

Male basketball players with Filipino heritage aged 16 years-and-over will be eligible for the tryouts.

To register for the tryouts, players may contact Miko Selorio on 0420 307 753, Mon Policarpio on 8339 6436, or MonCarpo on 0404 163 547.