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$1.5 million funding boost for peak multicultural organisations

Victorian Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras has
announced a $1.5 million commitment over two years to boost funding to peak
multicultural organisations across the State to assist in servicing the
needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse community.

Visiting the Centre for Multicultural Youth office in Morwell, Mr Kotsiras
highlighted the important contribution made by peak multicultural
organisations throughout Victoria.

In making the announcement, Mr Kotsiras acknowledged the tireless work of
all multicultural community organisations and commended their efforts in
ensuring that Victoria not only retains its reputation as a multicultural
success story, but continues to shine as a leading example to the world.

“Strong collaboration between the Coalition Government, grass-roots
community groups, academic institutions, non-government organisations, and
community leaders, is at the heart of our success,” Mr Kotsiras said.

“It is through commitment, enthusiasm, and diligence which drive innovation
and better outcomes, that in turn motivates the entire multicultural sector
and continues to deliver success in multicultural affairs.”

Victoria is experiencing a significant evolution in its demographic
profile, and these changes are impacting on service providers.

Mr Kotsiras said it is likely that we will see an even greater level of
change as dynamic migration patterns continue to shift to reflect regional
and economic factors.

“These profound developments present a number of challenges, but also
opportunities to respond with ingenuity to build a strong, cohesive and
prosperous Victoria,” Mr Kotsiras said.

“The Coalition Government believes that our multicultural identity is one
of Victoria’s greatest strengths.”

“It is Victoria’s capacity to reconcile diversity with unity that has set
us apart from many other regions of the world, with community harmony and
cohesion acting as both the impetus and the outcome of this
reconciliation.” Mr Kotsiras said.