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Oozos Kids Clothes

The New Kids (Store) on the Block

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Filipino Parents who love dressing up their little kiddies in unique pieces of stylish clothing will definitely  love this new online kids clothing store, oozos. The ‘new online kids clothing store on the block’ is still young, only having opened in July 2012.  A concept of three Filipino friends early last year,  the site has been growing and now starting to compete against other large online stores  under a ‘kids clothes’ search  on the Google platform.

Mono Mod Blazer Uni - A & B

These three Filipino friends who are also parents, thought up the concept due to their love of online retail, passion for business and dressing up their kids. They also noticed that there are not enough trendy clothes out there that are easily available, not only for their kids but as presents to give out to their growing families and network of friends.  The owner moms states that their preference to give useful items as presents, such as clothes rather than toys became  one of the driving factors in setting up the business. “When you have too many toys they mainly turn into ‘kalat’ (clutter) which we don’t have time to clean,” they added. So with this in their mind (especially the ‘not cleaning up too many toys after your kids’ part) added inspiration to growing their business and sourcing out the best and stylish Australian designed wear available.

Filled with everything trendy such as baby onesies and bibs, girls dresses, boys dress shirts and pants and plenty of everyday comfortable clothing and other things adorable. The site seeks out unique styles and prints from various suppliers and therefore showcases a wide variety of  goodies to choose from. Anyone looking to dress up their little kiddies or give a gift that is of high quality, need not look further!


Some of the most popular range include labels such as Eternal Creation, Baobab, Baby Takes a Trip, Daisy and Moose, KandyCrew,  MiniFin and Amor Amor. New labels such as Purple Orchard and Little Darling has also recently joined the growing trendy site and more are expected to be added this year. One of the gorgeous labels they hold, KandyCrew is also designed by another Filipino mom and are actually made in the Philippines! Here is a sneak peak of some of oozos trendy clothes that are available:


Another new, unique and exciting feature this site has to offer is their ShopnEarn program which allows customers to earn cash while they spend.

OOZOS is currently offering FREE Shipping for orders over $100 and a FREE bag with every purchase. There is currently a Stocktake Sale now is a great time to grab a bargain of up to 60% on kids and baby wear. So Hurry! Visit them now on