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Binay vs Hontiveros

Nancy Binay vs. Risa Hontiveros: An Online Created Clash

Binay vs HontiverosSenatorial elections in the Philippines is not just a head-to-head battle between two dominant political parties the Liberal Party (LP) or the Team PNoy versus the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), but individual candidates fight over the most coveted seat in the Magic 12.


One pair and recently trending online is the face-to-face clash of Team PNoy’s Risa Hontiveros and UNA’s candidate Nancy Binay, the eldest of Vice President Jejomar Binay.


It’s a women’s catfight as netizens continue to publish Internet memes in social media sites of the two lady senatoriables.


One photo shows Binay’s supposed lack of qualifications to run for senator against Hontiveros’ list of personal and political achievements.


The Internet photos came out as Binay stays on top of every survey, while Hontiveros’ rankings is quite a challenge for her as she stays out of the Magic 12.


Binay now claims that she is being cyber bullied referring to a false report saying that the court has granted her a temporary protection order against her appearances in public fora.


In addition, a meme circled through the social networking sites, that mocks Binay in her failure to participate in senatorial debates.


The parody tells Binay tried to rehearse a mock debate with her 8-year old son, where she freezes at the first question.


Binay was widely criticized after she turned down a debate challenge posed by Hontiveros herself saying it’s a response to online requests to candidates.


Hontiveros believes that answering to her call for a debate would be a best response to those attacking Binay.


She even defended her rival saying to netizens to stop making personal attacks against her or anybody else and demands respect for all candidates.


Binay on the other hand insisted that she is not afraid to face other senatorial candidates in debate, but she chose to go around the country explaining hat voters prefer to see her in flesh.


Corabelle is the Bayanihan's Phillippine News Correspondent.