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In Memoriam 2021

A few significant personalities died in 2021, leaving lasting impression to the communities for the service they made.

Their names are worthwhile to mention specially during a year with many unexpected loss to the vibrant activities of the Filipino community.

In years to come, many would remember their respective contributions in lifting up the image and significance of the Filipino migrant community.

Fr. Renato Paras, 84, the first chaplain of the Filipino Catholic community died 26 October 2021 in an age care facility. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Philippine Multi-Purpose Centre, the first community hub in Western Sydney.

Fr Renato Paras

Louie Tolentino, 80, program producer and announcer at SBS Filipino radio and community leader and Christian church volunteer and former businessman-employer of newly arrived migrants died of heart ailment 30 September at his residence.

SBS Announcer Louie To;entino

George Torres,66, former member of NSW police and Filipino community volunteer died at home. He was a practitioner of the Filipino martial arts sikaran and long running security coordinator in a a number of Filipino community festivals and gatherings.

Retired NSW Police George Torres

Ben Pasion. 70 something, well known community troubadour and music entertainer and community volunteer, died of un reported reason, whilst on vacation in the Philippines.

Condolence to their families and loved ones left behind.