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Remembering the late ConGen Teresa Taguiang

Former Philippine Consul General to Sydney Teresa Taguiang (second from left) celebrating with UP alumni Adeth Brion Cabanila, Rey Manoto and Perlita Aranz at a 2018  Christmas Party in Collaroy NSW.

BY LALA BRION – With the number of community gatherings that you graced with your presence, speeches, and charm, you probably don’t know me. You, however, left an impression that lasts a long time.

The first time that I saw you up close was at the 2018 UP Alumni Association Christmas party in Collaroy NSW, hosted by Atty. Imelda Argel. I remember you being a good conversationalist, and you were so gracious with requests for photo ops. I also remember your big, megawatt smile that illuminated the room when somebody handed you a box of ampalaya (bitter melon) herbal tea as a gift. It’s like you just won a brand a new car.

While we were having lunch, you were very appreciative of the offerings on the table. You even commented that you liked the sweet rice dessert (biko), because it was not too sweet. I will never forget that moment. I was the one who made that rice dessert.

Looking back at your pictures, you were always neat and well-dressed. I remember your dusty pink sleeveless dress at the Christmas party, with a black sweater casually tied around your neck. You definitely rocked the 80’s vibe then. When you supported Atty. Argel’s book launching on May 2019, you looked casually smart in khaki pants, long sleeves, and quilted vest.

When I saw you at the Philippine Independence Day celebration in Parramatta a month later, you were sporting a bob hairdo, draped in a monochromatic attire that included a black, quilted long coat and a black scarf.

On every occasion where we had crossed paths, I can sense that you were always in a hurry because I understand you probably have 100 other commitments to attend to. Ironically, you had always managed to look cool, calm, composed, and very accommodating for a chit chat or a photo op with the people around you.

I do not know how you did it. I thought, how could such a petite and svelte woman have so much energy to engage with so many people, and jump from one event to another, without looking stressed or exhausted?

Your energy and dedication were two of your most endearing traits when you were the Philippine Consul General to Sydney.

You may be gone for now, but you will always be remembered. Rest in peace, ConGen Tess Taguiang. ¨


A Requiem Mass was celebrated Sunday 21 March by Filipino Chaplain of Sydney Diocese Fr. Nards Mercene at the Mary Immaculate Church . Bossley Park, NSW. It was attended by Philippine Ambassador to Australia Hellen dela Vega, and former Consul General to Sydney Zenaida Collinson.