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Bernie Balagtas wins PCC-NSW Pader Charity Golf

KSSG donating to PCC's PADER 2020o[35426]BY RIC DE VERA – Golf aficionado Bernie Balagtas from Doonside won  the PCC-NSW PADER’s Play for Charity Cup played at Rosnay Golf Club on November 29, 2020 as the Over-all champion with his net score of 67 points using System 36 method of scoring and winning by count back. He was awarded with trophy plus $150 cash prize.

Division first runners up were: Daven Naidu (67 points CB) for A and Fidelis Badelles (69 points) for B. These first runners up were awarded with trophies and $100 cash prizes each.

Division second runners up were: Will Badiola (67 points CB) for A and Phumin Pongsawan (70 points) for B. These second runners up were awarded with trophies and $50 cash prizes each.

All par 3’s were novelty holes with cash prize of $20 each for both Division A & B. Winners were: Hole 2) Aldrin Urfano (A); Hole 5) Aris Ortanez (A); Hole 6) Sieng Pang (A) & Ed Montero (B); Hole 9) Sudeep Banstola (A) & Emil Francisco (B); Hole 10) Romy Tablizo (A) & Manny Ventura (B); Hole 13) Matthew Rebulado (A) & Armand Sanguenza (B) and Hole 16) Richard Espiritu (A) & Tony Vivero (B).

The Kalabaw Super Senior Golfers club who organised its own inaugural golf tournament on the same day at Woodville Golf Course shared the proceeds of $500 to the PCC-NSW PADER’s Play for Charity cup fund raising. Albert MG Garcia was the convenor and coordinator of the Inaugural tournament.

The proceeds of PCC-NSW’s initiative will be donated to Bangon Luzon relief drive of the office of the Vice President of the Philippines. It was initially reported that the amount of $7000 plus was raised which exceeded the expectation of the organisers by $5000.

“Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all the golfers who participated and provided assistance. Thank you also to all sponsors/donors for their massive generosity, and to the PCC-NSW Board who worked hard in taking care of the players and also in ensuring that the event ran smoothly. The money raised will go a long way in helping victims of the recent typhoons get up from their losses” finally said Vangie Leones, the PCC-NSW director who painstakingly coordinated the whole golfing event.

Wishing all my readers a prosperous, joyful and safe new year 2021.