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Religious lay leader bats for religious freedom bill

Religious lay leader Mrs. Cynthia Alipalo is urging Filipino Catholic parishioners support  the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill being considered in the NSW  Parliament that would protect religious freedom in the tate.

Alipalo’s letter thus:

Dear All,

You are invited to SUPPORT THE BILL  being considered by

NSW Parliament that would protect religious freedom in this state.

Tomorrow, Aug. 21 is the deadline.

The proposed Religious Discrimination Bill provides ROBUST protection for the religious freedom of individuals,

institutions and organisations covering a wide range of areas and associated activities included but not limited to: employment, education, business, church and community activities, and social media interaction.

We have until August 21st, 2020 to voice our support of this Bill without any changes via a quick 1-minute survey available here. You will be given 4 options: ‘‘support’, ‘support with amendments’ ,‘Neutral/undecided’, and ‘Oppose’.  I urge you to click the option ‘support


For Q3 of the survey, you may copy and paste one of the reasons listed in the attached document or simply leave it blank. The whole process will take you ONE MINUTE to complete. It’s that easy to do something proactive to protect our religious freedoms.

take care,

Cynthia Alipalo