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Demi Robinson

Letter from a Philippine community leader


15th June 2020

Letter To The Editor
During this unprecedented period of pandemic, restrictions on social life, and now the looming recession, my only wish is to return to some normalcy in our lives. I wish to see stability, harmony and solidarity not only in our mainstream society but especially in our local Filo community.
Despite the circumstances facing us today, there has been a concerted effort by some of the former PCC presidents to pursue and rectify a serious breach of the Constitution under Section 13.4 at the last February 2020 elections. This serious constitutional violation mandates that current President Bulseco step down from his position.
Breaches of the Constitution have been committed in the past and “conduct unbecoming” has been evident in the past. And yet, the guilty parties have not suffered the consequences of their actions, nor have there been any convictions of wrongdoing ever recorded. This is because the complaints have been simply ignored by the sitting President and Board or the Board exercised its power under Section 12 of the Constitution.

There has been no remorse, apologies or attempts to rectify the situation. To complain or to even speak up is to be ostracised. Sadly, this has been the culture in the PCC-NSW over the past years.
Other recent breaches that the PCC Board has swept away are as follows: 1. 2019 – Breach of section 14.1 of the Constitution when the nomination of Alice Tayaban for the position of Treasurer was endorsed by Bulseco and IPP Ladia the two not being members of Tayaban’s affiliated organisation.

2. 2019 – Breach of Sec 2a(d). Refusal of the affiliate application of Blessed Calungsod and Bulseco exhibiting his partiality and influence. It was concluded that the reason for nonacceptance was that an existing member/affiliate endorsement on the application was missing, henceforth, it was ruled out that Blessed Calunsod application was not acceptable despite meeting qualifications as per the Constitution. It should be noted however, that in the same year, an affiliate application of Sydney Sonata Singers was approved despite no endorsement of an existing affiliate on the form. Where is justice to the Blessed Calunsod application?

3. 2020 – AGM/Elections. Bulseco’s meddling in the Bicol Inc Board decision to authorize the Bicol Inc Secretary to vote during the election was antagonistic and hostile which resulted in the disenfranchisement of the Bicol Inc vote. A Bicol Inc Board decision was not respected by Bulseco and instead preys on the vulnerability of the Bicol Inc Chairperson (who has since resigned) by prompting the Bicol Inc Chairperson to send a revocation letter to invalidate the Bicol Inc Board decision. This revocation letter was received by Bulseco and was given credence by his mate, the Returning Officer.

4. Compare this to the non- interference of Bulseco to the Ateneo Alumni Board decision to abstain from voting in the election of the President position. Bulseco respected the Ateneo Alumni Board’s decision and yet it is alleged that he conspired in the disqualification of the Bicol Inc vote.

5. On the financial side, timeliness of financial reporting was a concern to me as 2019 PCC Internal Auditor as Bulseco as incumbent President has ignored the lack of preparation of the Treasurer for financial reporting during Board meetings except for one or two meetings.

Moreover, unbeknown to everyone during the 2020 AGM, the 2019 financial report was signed off by the External Auditor after the holding of the AGM. This is a blatant disregard of accounting procedures and standards. I have exchange of emails with the senior External Auditor staff showing that the Financial Report was reviewed but not signed off prior to the presentation of the Treasurer’s report to the general membership.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that the current PCC-NSW leadership has no appreciation of petitions, complaints and concerns and therefore, I wish to express a ‘vote of no confidence’ to its current President. A self-serving president and cohorts will always find ways to avoid scrutiny of wrongdoing by going face-to-face, or by telephone with individual Affiliate President seeking support by articulating their defence against complaints on the breaches on the Constitution. Indeed, the PCC Board has the power to rule, however the general membership has the final say.
Let us do the right thing. Let us get the facts and the truth. After all, we are all in this together. Keep safe.
Yours sincerely

Demi Robinson Concerned Member Of The Filipino Community