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ADOLP members

ADOLP association fund raising for Filipino international students

The community organisation Australian Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia (ADOLP) has raised a total of $1,560 cash and $250 worth of groceries for donation to six Filipino international students in Sydney caught by  the COVID-19 restrictions and have bare resources for subsistence.

Mr Jess Manalo, President of ADOLP reported to his members and gave thanks to many Good Samaritans who donated cash and goods to the  Filipino students who were at the same time volunteers in many previous ADOLP community activities.

PHOTO – ADOLP members  previous meeting

The intra-organisation fund raising of $1,560 as of 14 April 2020  is broken down into $990 cash, $370 cash and groceries, and $200 cash with ADOLP account.

Mr Manalo reported the organisation previously disbursed $450 cash for rental support and $174 worth of groceries to five students

Mr Manalo noted the donations  of  cash from Jun & Betty Relunia, Ernie & Au Aaron, Jess & Helen Manalo, Mary Esteban, Josie Musa, Aida Jamolin, Evelyn Datoc, Norma Evans, Sol la Palma, Gina Lorie, Nestor and Manny. Siony and Fred Caballero; cash with groceries from Ding & Susan Alano, Neria & Doc Soliman, Noe & Mely Adan, Mateo Family, Haidi Soliman and groceries (Ben & Edith Bongat, Maggie Macatangay) 40 kilos of Rice.

Mr Manalo said, “We are still hoping that some donations will be received this week.  After this week we will be stopping our initiative for this fund raising.  We will decide what to do with the money we had with your suggestions is welcome.

“What I am suggesting is to distribute the money on rental support every forthnight to ease them financially and hopefully they be back working sooner.” Manalo said.

“Special mention to Ding Alano for assisting me for this initiative. Ding and myself were so glad to see the faces of the 3 ADOLP youth who pickup the donations.  We even heard that we can eat our breakfast now and pay our rent.  And hopefully they will received support from their parents in the Philippines soon, “ Mr Manalo said.