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PCC-NSW Election

Election credential confusion at recent PCC-NSW election

Oops, it happened again. The problem of accreditation among voters in the annual PCC-NSW election once more rear its ugly result in the NSW peak body of Philippine community organisations last 16 February in Marayong, NSW.

Consequently, candidate for PCC-NSW  VicePresident Internal and community leader Ms Penny Pefecto of Bicol Inc.  filed a protest to the PCC-NSW election returning officer Mr Rey Manoto for disallowing Bicol Inc representative Mr Bobby Lastica to vote during the election.

Perfecto lost to elected candidate Mr Darrel Swadling by only one vote. It is alleged that had Lastica allowed to vote, it would have been an even result for both aspirants.

Perfecto sent an email to Bayanihan News stating her dissatisfaction with the response to her protest  and casting doubt on an alleged letter by Bicol Inc President Ben Bongat revoking Mr Lastica’s representation as Bicol Inc voter in the PCC-NSW election. Perfecto said the election returning officer Mr Rey Manoto has dismissed her protest without consultation with PCC-NSW Board nor from the election commitee.

Apparently, Lastica who alleged to be Bicol Inc. secretary reportedly came to vote without proper authority from Bicol Inc current president Mr Ben Bongat who happened  to be overseas in the Philippines. PCC-NSW constitution allows only  the president of an affiliate organisation or an authorised representative thereof to vote in behalf of the affiliate body.

Perfecto said Bongat cannot be contacted nor is he responding to messages sent to him.

It might be recalled that PCC-NSW had a split some years back, giving rise to  another peak organisation called Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations or APCO during election at the conclusion of the term of then PCC-NSW president Ronaldo Villaver.   Votes allied with the then candidate for PCC-NSW Cen Amores were disallowed  due to accreditation issues, leading to the split.

Apparently, there are some PCC-NSW election reforms included in some 27 amendments proposed in the PCC-NSW Constitution, tentativety tabled to be discussed during last AGM and annual election.

But at the moment, the issue is about the protested position of Vice President Internal.

One former PCC-NSW president said this early, the elected PCC-NSW President Alric Bulseco whose election can hardly be questioned  as well as the other members of the PCC-NSW Board and other officers together with returning officer Mr Rey Manoto  had to act fast and resolve the issue.