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PM Scott Morrison

PM Scott Morrrison’s Christmas Message

Christmas holdays
Christmas holdays

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather with our families and to draw close to one another.

We also know that right across the country so many Australians will be doing it tough this year. Whether it’s the floods earlier this year, or the terrible bushfires or indeed the drought which has been spreading across the country.

But Australians have stood together through all of this, and the resilience of our communities and the kindness that has been shown from one Australian to another has been a true inspiration.

While these times are difficult, there is much to reflect on and to celebrate in the great spirit of our amazing country.

For me, and for all who share the Christian faith, this is also a time of prayer and reflection to mark the miracle at Bethlehem that lies at the heart of the Christmas message.

So Christmas is a time for many things – family, friends, festivities and faith. This year, I am looking forward to spending time with loved ones, and I hope that you enjoy a quiet break with loved ones too.


May you have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia