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Hunters Rugby cup

Rugby League Estepa Elefante Cup in the Philippines


BY ERNEST GANAT -To get ready for the fourth season of the Estepa Elefante Cup, local teams in the Philippines the Cavite Tigers, Manila Storm and North Luzon Head Hunters took initiative and organised their first ever pre-season match on Sunday the 22nd of December.


Y ours truly saw it as a perfect, sunny day for the Inaugural Hunters Cup, held at Luneta Park Burnham Grounds.”

Players from all three local clubs were combined together to form the two competing teams for this pre-season match.
The North Luzon Head Hunters headed by team leader Rogelio Ogana, who has a reputation for never backing down against any opponent and the Manila Bulldogs led by Roderick Luna.

In the first half the Head Hunters scored the first 2 tries,with the Bulldogs scoring the next 2. Both sides then traded  another try each to go into half time with an 18-18 all score line”.

The second half again started well for the Head Hunters, scoring three consecutive tries. As they did in the first half, the Bulldogs picked up their intensity and scored the next 2 tries.

In the final minute, we saw a truly magnificent play from Bulldogs halfback John Franklin Agunod with a pass to winger Rey Agsaoay to score the last try to win the match 48-42.

The initiative taken by the local Philippines clubs to organise this pre-season Hunters Cup match highlights the confidence they are gaining in managing “the Greatest Game of All” in the country. Which augurs well for the 2020 season of local competition. With the inclusion of new PNRL local Board member Marcus Skeen team, the Makati Chiefs in the 4th season of the Estepa Elefante Cup.